About us

Gazit International Polygraph School

Gazit International Polygraph School is a polygraph school offering:

  • Polygraph examiners training courses
  • Advanced courses for training polygraph instructors and polygraph laboratory directors.  
  • Professional advanced trainings in the fields of law enforcement, inspection, questioning and other relevant fields, introducing the students to the polygraph and understanding related ethical issues.

Gazit International Polygraph School is one of the few institutions worldwide recognized by American Polygraph Association (APA). It operates all over the world, cooperating with civilian and governmental organizations where it offers its trainings.

Gazit has already trained polygraph examiners in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, starting polygraph laboratories and consulting various governmental agencies and organizations. 

The school was started by Mr. Mordechai Gazit,  chairman of Israeli Polygraph Association between 2007 and 2009, and currently a member of APA.

The school's lecturers are the best in their various fields, and have been training polygraph examiners and closely assisting the school's graduates for decades.