Polygraph training courses worldwide

Polygraph training courses worldwide

Gazit International Polygraph School personnel are highly experienced in starting polygraph labs for private as well as government organizations. As part of the School's additional services, a leading polygraph examiners team shall closely consult the organization throughout the establishing of the lab, from conceiving the idea to routinely operating it.

Being aware of the particular nature and needs of every organization, we are prepared to modify the training program to meet the organization's needs.

The process consists of the following:

  • A several days' long screening of applicants for the possition of polygraph examiner and polygraph lab director. This stage includes in-depth interviews with candidates, discerning the organization's needs and selecting suitable trainees.
  •  A comprehensive theoretical and practical training, under APA standards, 10-weeks, 400 hours long. It takes place either in the School's facilities in Israel or in a suitable facility in the client's country, as agreed upon in advance. We can also hold part of the training in the client's country and the rest of the training, usually about 14 days long,  in Israel
  • Internship with close consultation: a partial or full internship period, during which the School's specialist shall closely consult the fresh graduates in their first steps in the field, helping them prepare and conduct polygraph examinations and analyze the results.
  • Organizing new polygraph labs and guiding their staff: establishing the lab, detecting patterns, setting the procedures and hiring the personnel
  • Consulting polygraph labs on organization, structure and operation.
  • Acquisition and integration of polygraph technology

Gazit International Polygraph School personnel will gladly help you meet the needs of your organization