Polygraph devices purchase

Polygraph devices purchase

Just like any other device, polygraphs, too, are occasionally improved and modernized. Analogous devices made way to digital ones, fitted with smart and user-friendly software and hardware developed by top physiological laboratories. These computerized polygraphs are easy to operate by examiners.

Gazit International Polygraph School is a licensed international polygraph seller. The devices it markets are made by the world's leading polygraph manufacturers. The School's personnel has specialized in making the device fit the customer and its implementation in the organization. Our specialists offer the customers their technical support and troubleshooting services even after they purchase and implement the device. We are prepared to serve our worldwide customers 24/7.

In addition, Gazit International Polygraph School offers various polygraph-related courses, focusing on learning about specific devices fitting your organization.

Gazit International Polygraph School students can buy a polygraph at an especially reduced price.